Alex Bie

MMath CS student at University of Waterloo (2021-)

I am advised by Gautam Kamath and Shai Ben-David. You can reach me at

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Alex Bie, Gautam Kamath, Guojun Zhang. Private GANs, revisited.
SyntheticData4ML @ NeurIPS 2022.

Alex Bie*, Gautam Kamath*, Vikrant Singhal*. Private estimation with public data.
NeurIPS 2022. (*Alphabetical order).

Tianshi Cao, Alex Bie, Arash Vahdat, Sanja Fidler, Karsten Kreis. Don't generate me: Training differentially private generative models with Sinkhorn divergence.
NeurIPS 2021.

Alex Bie, Bharat Venkitesh, Joao Monteiro, Md. Akmal Haidar, Mehdi Rezagholizadeh. Fully quantizing Transformer-based ASR for edge deployment.
Hardware Aware Efficient Training @ ICLR 2021.

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